Scientific research division was established in 2002 in accordance with Order No._____. 

Purports to achieve enhancement of relations with Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, sectoral institutes, scientific institutions of foreign countries, research and production unions and also resolves all scientific tasks which are assigned by "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping" Closed Joint Stock Company.  Prepares, submits and registers fundamental and applied scientific researches for State Registration centre of Research, Experiment and Dissertation which operates within the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan, establishes enquiry and data systems, provides bibliographical and factual data references in relation to data works and establishes an abstract database of scientific research.     Determines patentability of scientific research which was performed in the Academy, draws up documentation for the filing of claims in respect of inventions, ensures their primary expertise and files these documents with the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Ensures control of accuracy and qualitative maintaining of gauge tools in the Academy  under scientific and methodological supervision of State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan, supplies the scientific-research laboratories with new gauge tools in accordance with their needs, performs examination, prepares official documentation and submits them to the management for the purposes of discharging of old and obsolescent devices and equipment from use, ensures performance of state supervision of existing gauges. Supervises in time performance of scientific research which is carried out scientific research laboratories and sub-departments of the Academy.  Analyses completed scientific research works, gathers statistics of scientific potential, draws up a report on scientific research works performed on during the current year and past three years and submit such report to the Scientific Innovations Centre of National Academy of Sciences and afterwards generates an electronic report.  Prepares the most important scientific results, achieved at the Academy, for discussion in the National Academy of Sciences and appears with suggestions for implementation of such results before NAC.


Organization of research issues

Publication of scientific journal

Organization of patent and license matters

Organization of conferences, workshops and academic competitions

Organization of doctoral programme

Coordination of activities of Student Scientific Society

Coordination of activities of Young Scholar Council 


Supervision over formation of one and three-year plans of scientific topics and for-profit scientific research to be carried out by sub-departments and scientific research laboratories and over their performance in accordance with these plans during the current reporting year ;

Collection of data relating to execution of  scientific topics and other topics deriving from for-profit contracts by departments and sub-departments, as well as scientific research laboratories  during the current reporting year ;

Preparation of statistic data on higher education teaching staff and research workers as well as, on doctors of science and  philosophy doctors in science and candidates for doctor`s and master`s  degree, as well as, on the volume of completed scientific research works, doctoral and philosophy of science thesis defended at dissertation councils, printed monography, textbooks and  study guides, textbooks and instructions of methods, articles, thesis and other works which were published in foreign press.

Analysis of science and speciality wise admissions to and graduation from doctoral programmes and dissertation programmes, as well as training of scientific and academic staff   performing activities for doctoral programme ;

Preparation of brief information on scientific works and their effectiveness having  great production importance and those which were  implemented in the sphere of science and education ;

Collection of materials and proposals on foreign higher educational institutions, science and production facilities having close mutual collaboration with the Academy in the sphere of scientific and technical cooperation, as well as on the mutually  investigated problem areas and results achieved, all jobs done in the area of exchange of experience, participation in the international conferences, congresses and symposiums as well as on the international programmes;

Drawing up of necessary reports relating to scientific research, design and experimental works, and dissertations in accordance with the forms in which they are submitted to the state registration centre ;

Supervision over students` involvement in scientific research and  over the evolution of students` development ;

Supervision over performance of scientific research in compliance with plans and over the participation level of sub-department employees in the planned scientific research ;

Participation at conferences, academic competitions and other events  (which are held on national, international and higher educational institution level or which are held between departments of the higher educational institution). 


Organization of invention and optimization activities in the Academy.

Scientific and methodological supervision over performance of  patent research at all stages for the purposes of ensuring of patentability and competitive abilities of scientific research works and procedures directed for creation of new operation processes, data, machinery and equipment in the Academy ;

Designing of current and prospective plans for invention, patent and licensing, and applied scientific research works and procedures ;

Organization of protection of scientific research works which are considered to be in the level of invention in Azerbaijan and foreign countries;  expertizing of claim documentation and their submission for consideration and registration ;

Rendering of assistance to inventors and researchers in respect of   patent designing and reservation of intellectual property rights ;

Taking scientific - methodological and organizational actions relating to implementation of "know-hows" and inventions in the process of production ;

Organization of license sale for inventions, industrial samples and useful models and other scientific-technical results; preparation of legal and technical documentation in this sphere and  supervision over performance of  payments in a timely manner ;

Preparation of presentations and their submission to the Management of the Academy for the purposes of making payments to inventors and to those individuals who assisted invention works in accordance with applicable legislation ;

Preparation and proliferation of data  relating to patentability issues of scientific research works, as well as  to patent and licensing ;  holding of competitions, inspections and massive events (workshops, information days, specialist days etc.) in this sphere ;

Preparation and realization of proposals relating to utilization on education and production of important teaching, scientific-technical research works meeting production requirements  ;

In cooperation with Computer Centre of the Academy, establishing a comprehensive database encompassing, scientifically and methodologically, all stages of scientific-research processes in respect of patentability and designing its information source.



to provide registration of all documents incoming to and outgoing from the department (division) ;

to prepare admission plans for postdoctoral students ;

to prepare statistic data in respect of postdoctoral students and submit to the relevant organizations ;

to prepare admission documentation ;

to draw up all documents and records during admission competition to the doctoral programme ;

to draw up orders relating to admission, dismissal, reinstatement, academic vacation, a transfer from one academic year to another;

to draw up orders relating to approval of dissertation subjects and supervisors postdoctoral students ;

to draw up orders relating to exams on the doctoral programme and to organize such exams ; to arrange cards confirming the passing of doctoral exams ;

to supervise certification (certification for transfer to the next academic year) of postdoctoral students in cooperation with subdepartments and to draw up certification orders in this respect  ;

to assign tasks to subdepartments ;

to ensure drawing up of references and extracts from records and orders ;

to participate in all matters relating to educational and scientific creative activities of postdoctoral students ;

to provide holding of academic and research conferences ;

to formalize and record personal dossiers of postdoctoral students, to make the relevant amendments to such dossiers and make notes on disciplinary rewarding and punitive actions ;

to provide archivation of documents that have expired the current storage period.

There are 4 employees in the Department. Head of the scientific research department - senior lecturer Sabina Tahiq gizi Ahmadova

Employees of the Department: specialist on doctoral programme – Ismailova Tamara Hanifa gizi, specialist – Gafarli Husniyya Altay gizi, a specialist on documentation – Akbarova Parvana Fikrat gizi.

Telephone no. : (99412) 4933644,  (113)

E-mail: science-asma@rambler.ru